Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Photo: So you wanted to really hate Lesnar's mic skill? I know some of us joke around here & there, I know I do. But make no mistake, he's still THE beast.
-Sinn The WWE RevolutionPhoto: Right now, Brock Lesnar is a bully. He is undeniably the most dangerous wrestler in the WWE.

Right now, he is a part-time player in a wrestling promotion that could use him more extensively on a weekly basis.

Right now, because of booking and the fact he is not a “regular” performer and could be even bigger than he is, Brock Lesnar is holding the WWE hostage.

While the company benefits from the fact he has battled John Cena, Triple H and now CM Punk since his return, it needs him to wrestle every week and challenge the likes of Kane, Mark Henry, Big Show and Wade Barrett.

So far, it is unlikely to happen.

With SummerSlam fast approaching, is this an abrupt end to the battle between Punk and Lesnar? While Punk and Paul Heyman are the key ingredients in this matchup, does it mean “The Beast” will move toward WWE gold? Does it mean Punk will focus his energies on Heyman’s other “guy,” Curtis Axel?

I see the feud moving on to Night of Champions but cannot see it going further. There are too many variable involving other wrestlers to work with, and frankly, Punk not being in the title picture is a little odd for me to decipher.

Since there aren’t many wrestlers whom I can see in a program with John Cena right now, Punk and someone like Randy Orton make sense. Daniel Bryan makes a lot of sense right now, but he is not a long-term opponent.

So where does that leave the WWE?

If Randy Orton cashes in his Money in the Bank contract and wins the title (from Cena or Bryan), he can give Lesnar a solid run (provided he remains a face and not a heel).

Wade Barrett is also an interesting character to pair against Lesnar. He is big, brooding and a brawler.

The Undertaker may want a shot at Lesnar, which could be the precursor to WrestleMania. But for that to work, Undertaker, like Lesnar, would need to be willing to work more dates and appear more on television.

Mark Henry and Big Show both have the size and have worked some of their best matches over the course of the last year. They are options as well. Wrestlers like Rob Van Dam, Cody Rhodes and maybe Christian make no sense.

Maybe a return of Batista makes sense, or if anyone thinks of this, Ryback taking on the big man would be worth mentioning.

All I am trying to convey is the WWE has limited options with Lesnar once this potentially great feud ends. Not having a backup plan for him once it is over could harm the company more than it thinks right now.


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